my opinion on 15 minutes; thank you for witing it, it has changed the way i think about everything.

really, 15 minutes is beautiful and eye-opening, religion really isn’t about what people define it as, you can have your own beliefs and the fact that you are the only one who believes in them doesn’t make them any less important. and just, it is the most accepting thing i have ever read, and i cannot explain how amazing it is without being cliché and i think that’s the beauty of your writing, you say what we are thinking (i am..) and you put it into such a different context and said it so differently and i hate the word unique but it is the only word i can think of to describe the way you use words.

people find it easier to understand things when they are exaggerated, and you’ve just made the whole story so wild that accepting what you’re saying becomes so much easier in that context.

just, if there were more people like you in the universe, nobody would ever be confused again. 


teenagers also have important thoughts (EVERYONE’S THOUGHTS ARE IMPORTANT) and just because we are young doesn’t mean we don’t matter, thank you for realising that.

i think your characterisation of harry and the way he speaks is the epitome of everything i’ve ever wanted to say. some of the phrases are so breathtaking that i just want to pull them off the screen and tie them to my heart. thank you so much for writing this David <3